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The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Switzerland, Europe.

The falls are located on the High Rhine on the border between the cantons of Schaffhausen (SH) and Zürich (ZH), between the municipalities of Neuhausen am Rheinfall (SH) and Laufen-Uhwiesen/Dachsen (ZH), next to the town of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland.

They are 150 metres (490 ft) wide and 23 metres (75 ft) high. In the winter months, the average water flow is 250 m3/s (8,800 cu ft/s), while in the summer, the average water flow is 600 m3/s (21,000 cu ft/s). The highest flow ever measured was 1,250 cubic metres per second (44,000 cu ft/s) in 1965; and the lowest, 95 cubic metres per second (3,400 cu ft/s) in 1921.
The falls can not be climbed by fish, except by eels that are able to worm their way up over the rocks.

The Randen mountain

The Randen is a small mountain range located between the Jura and the Swabian Jura, north of the Rhine. Predominantly located in the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen, they culminate in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The Randen are situated north of Schaffhausen and south of Blumberg.

The Randen mountain range, a popular local recreation area, has something for everyone: hikes over hills, through forests and fields and challenging bike trails. These lime foothills of the Jura extend along the western part of the canton. It is usually sunny on the Randen even when Schaffhausen is in the fog. In winter there are ski slopes and cross-country tracks.

The Rhine Falls

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