The Museum in the Armory

The Museum in the Armory houses permanent displays of soldiers’ personal equipment, artillery, brass instruments, historic military vehicles and other weapons from the Swiss Army of the 19th and 20th centuries. It documents an interesting part of Swiss technological development and includes three distinct collections. The Karl Bauert collection is a display of personal material and equipment of the Swiss army and includes a comprehensive collection of Swiss weapons. The Martin Huber collection comprises guns and motor vehicles, and survey and other equipment of the Swiss artillery. The Jürg Zimmermann collection comprises some one hundred and fifty valuable historical brass instruments.
The museum is housed in Building 5 of the armoury of Schaffhausen Canton. In this building there are some displays dedicated to individual units, including an infantry company and a heavy gun battery. Ownership of the museum rests with the Museum Foundation which was created in December 2004 by Martin Huber, Jürg Zimmermann and Karl Bauert under cantonal supervision and has tax exemption. Only a small part of the area is currently used as an arsenal. Several buildings and offices are used for Civil Defence, and other buildings are currently used by other official bodies.
The Martin Huber collection includes about forty historical military vehicles and trailers that were used by the Swiss Army from 1935 to 1982. All these vehicles are road-registered and maintained by members of the Gesellschaft der Militärmotorfahrer Schaffhausen

Museum Allerheiligen

Museum Stemmler

The Museum in the Armory


The Kloster Allerheiligen

Kloster Allerheiligen is a former Benedictine monastery in the Swiss municipality of Schaffhausen in the Canton of Schaffhausen. The church Münster Allerheiligen is the oldest building in Schaffhausen, and houses also the Museum zu Allerheiligen.

The Monastery Church Rheinau

Beautiful former monastery on Rheininsel , the brilliance and richness of the magnificent interior of the baroque building are overwhelming. The monastery church is one of the most significant Swiss sacred buildings.

Created according to Vorarlberg Munster scheme, the magnificent altars of the Rheinau church and monastery immediately catch the eye on entering. Focus of the church is almost immediately apparent, namely the Virgin Mary. An amazing work of art in which the ceiling frescoes, painted by Ticino-born Francesco Giorgoli, have preserved their original freshness throughout the years. Guided tours on request.

The St Johann Church

Swiss evangelic church at Schaffhausen, bearing a famous concert organ. The original church existed already since the year 1045. In the year 1517, the church was finally brought to todays’ appearance and it was a reformed church since 1529.
The concert organ was built by Johann Nepomuk Kuhn in 1879, was reconstructed in 1929 and again in 1990.

Kloster Allerheiligen

The Monastery Church Rheinau

The St Johann Church Image Map